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    It takes forever to access my website



    I have been with Godaddy for 3 months. 3 months where I do not yet have a functional website. After I built my website, I realized that it takes forever to access it from an incognito browser or from other devices. Not always, only if the site is not accessed for a long period of time.


    They said(the guys from Godaddy Italy where you have to call because they don't have a chat.) that my website content is not optimized or there is something wrong with it and that is not their problem.

    I have deleted my Wordpress app completely and reinstalled the theme. A new and improved one.


    They said again that even though my website has no content there are the plugins that can cause this problem. I have now deleted EVERYTHING and installed a fresh copy of Wordpress. It still takes a lot of time to load(for an empty website). I have already paid for a whole year and NO, they won't give me back my money.


    Traceroute to my website



    The website with no content but just the theme and plugins




    If anybody has any idea why this is happening I would much appreciate it. 




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    Helper V



    Somehow I didn't catch this post, Sorry for the delay...

    Are you working on Managed WordPress or cPanel web hosting?...

    Change your domain [catalinkingbeats.com] to some dummy domain, and change it back again...

    The domain manager must show DNS only hosting...


    Looking forward to hear from you...




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support
    Resolver II

    Hi CatalinKing,


    Did you select the correct data center for your hosting account?




    Have you checked your theme's server requirements?


    Because some WordPress theme's can take up a lot of resources along with plugins and require more resources at the back end or changes made to increase PHP memory limits and so on.


    Have you tried using a free theme and seeing if speed improves?