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    Linking one product to another

    Is there a way to place a link to a product in the description of another one?  For example I am selling a sign that has monthly disc add ons.  I will have to create another listing for people to purchase additional discs but would like to set up a link to this listing in the original sign.  Is this possible?


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    Helper V

    Re: Linking one product to another

    The only way to do it is to create both items and then add a link in one or both to the other one. After the items are created, add text that says something like:


    Additional discs are available in our store.


    Find the link for the item you want to link to by looking at the "search engine" tab in your products. Copy the link. Then highlight the words "additional discs", click on the link icon on the right of the page, paste the link into the field and save.


    You can't link to multiple discs at once, however, only one at a time, unless you make the discs their own category. Then you could link to the category instead of the individual discs.


    Good luck.