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    Logo mouse over



    How do I change the mouse over description on my logo in the header section?






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    Re: Logo mouse over

    When you have a site with instapage or gocentral you have the option to have a logo or to use text on your home page in the header. 


    In the home page header editor section......


    1. Go to logo and "remove the logo".

    2. edit text you want to have when you hover in: "Use this text as my logo"

    3. click done

    4. go back into logo

    5. add the logo again 

    6. publish 


    your logo will now display the text that you saved in step 2 as the tooltip.  


    You may also have more control over alt tags, tooltips and other image metadata if you upgrade your plan to include more advanced SEO tools. 


    Re: Logo mouse over

    Thank you! All working now.