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    Mailing labels from your site

    Ok so i'm new here...hi.....I'm opening an online store and wanted to know after people checkout is there an option to print mailing labels? 

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    Re: Mailing labels from your site

    Hi @Jyadouga,


    Is this the quick cart or another platform?  According to support there is not a way.  Though I have not used it in this context you may be able to trigger an action using Zapier or IFTTT (IF This Then That) to connect to a label printing service.


    The quick cart has some great features, but it is an introductory cart.  If you need a lot of automation, a wordpress-based cart, Shopify, etc. may be a better solution.  With the quick cart there is more manual intervention in the order handling and the data management aspect than with other platforms.


    Hope this helps,


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