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    Maximum Number of Pages



    I am using the Website Builder to create a website for my real estate company. I already have my website up and running. Right now I have two different pages (as separate tabs in the navigation menu) for the categories of our real estate listings (homes, land/commercial) with all of the corresponding listings on the pages. This means that I have 15+ slideshows on a single page, and it is causing the pages to load slowly... at least that is what I think the issue is.


    My goal is to create a single page that shows a single image of each property, with that image being a clickable link to go to an individual page with the complete listing information, slideshow, video, etc... kind of like an online store setup, but obviously without an online store's click and buy features because it is real estate. This would ultimately mean I would have 40+ pages on my site. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that you can only have so many pages with godaddy's website builder so my question is...


    Is there a maximum number of pages I can have within my site? If not, then how do I make these individual listing pages viewable when someone clicks the image link without having each page be a sub-tab in my navigation menu? I do not want these to show in the nav. menu because it would be overwhelming for those just browsing our listings.


    Thank you in advance for any help or advice!

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    Re: Maximum Number of Pages


    You address quite a few issues here and I will try and help with a few at a time. Let me first introduce myself, my name is Angel and I'm a website developer here in Scotland. I never use CMS but hand code everything but understand most issues.

    Let me address your images on your page. Are they thumbnail images first? If not, make them so to save space and allow for description beside the image. Secondly, instead of having the video embedded on your site, why not post the video's to Youtube and just link the images directly to the youtube video. This will free up some of your resources. Make sure to allow for sharing of your video's and then it's as easy as copying the share link and linking to your thumbnail images. Your site should therefore run faster.

    Let me know if this helps.


    Re: Maximum Number of Pages


    After a few transfers, Ive been advised that the limit is 50 pages. The solution I was given was to use Wordpress and attach that to the domain instead of GoCentral Business. Apparently unlimited pages, but the Deluxe option (being the middle of three options) was only limited by space, being 15 Gig.

    The big surprise was that it was 1/3 the price of the GoCentral Business option. Apparently GoDaddy have a business agreement with Wordpress and so can be attached after cancelling the GoCentral Business.

    Ive only now got off the phone from GoDaddy and have not tried this out yet, but this is what Ive been advised from GoDaddy.

    Re: Maximum Number of Pages

    I just ran into the same wall, and I feel cheated. I can understand that server space is valuable, and consequently the standard plan is limited to 50 pages, but why isn't there an upgrade option? I need more than 50 pages, and I am willing to pay for the privilege. Why in the world would I have to take my business elsewhere to do so? This sucks, and it needs to be fixed!

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    Community Manager

    Re: Maximum Number of Pages

    Hi @kendra3021. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It is technically possible to increase the page size for GoCentral websites, but it's done on a case by case basis. There is a thread about this here you can check out if you want more information. 


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