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    Member Sign in link not working

    In the sign in page where you enter your email and those who are members should receive a sign in link via email is not working, the link I sent myself does not work, I'm not sure if my members are having the same problem, but I have added both of my emails and neither one are receiving links and when I resend the link from within the editing page the links I recieved don't work.
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    There are some serious bugs with the customer account system.


    The new account password activation link page that is emailed to the customers that create a new account takes a few minutes at least to confirm.


    To make matters worse, once an account is finally created successfully, the links to Orders, My Account, Edit Profil, etc. pages do not work on Chrome, only IE.  Those links take you right back to the login page even though the site says you are already logged in.