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    Members Only sections

    Is the members only sections going to be redesigned?  To allow users to create username and passwords?  Would make it a lot easier for the "user". the email links work but expire.  Any insight?

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    Thanks for writing in, @HRAD!


    The current version of the members-only feature does allow site visitors to create passwords, and use those passwords to login when they return to the site.  Websites that are created at this time use that method by default. Unfortunately, there are some challenges in transitioning an existing site from the "magic link" login method to this "username and password" method, but we are trying to work through those challenges, so that site owners can upgrade to use passwords.   We're also working to add other membership features, so that site visitors can see and edit their own details, appointments, purchases, and other details.  



    @EricJ  How do you see this working with the GC Store? Or do you?


    I would like to offer a few products to preferred customers or VIP customers so they can have first opportunity to buy new items before they are opened up to the general public. Is this "member only" feature capable of that?



    Hi @Hopeful!


    Thanks for writing in about this. This is a great question!  I have seen other users do something similar to what you're describing here, where they create a store on a private page, and then only those who are logged in have access to that store (those products, prices, etc.) In time, we'd like to make that more functional, so let us know if you have any suggestions.  We are, in fact, working towards enabling "customer accounts" for shoppers as well.  We're very open to any input you may have on what would be valuable there, but that functionality should appear in the next few months, and will allow your shoppers to see their purchase history, upcoming appointments, etc. when they are logged in.