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    Mobile version of the sites are slow and ranked lower on Google



    I have been running Google ads for my website https://foreveraloe.in/ and on recommendations I see that it says to improve mobile page speed. See screenshot below.


    Screenshot 2020-07-01 at 12.17.37 PM.png


    I have also done a test on pingdom.com and the results are not great. See below - 


    Screenshot 2020-07-01 at 2.50.16 PM.png


    Is there anyway to speed this up? I am not getting any support from Godaddy help desk. Can anyone suggest what should I do? This is really effecting my business as my site does not come up on search.


    Just to add, Godaddy help desk says go to Google Team and speak to them!! This is really frustrating!

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    Hi @GeetaVid,


    Welcome to the Community!

    The most obvious improvement in speed will be to upload the pictures you use on the website closer to the size they will appear on the pages. Any time the browser has to re-scale images to present them to the viewer, it will slow your website down for them. Customers often use pictures at a higher resolution than is required for online viewing (at 72 dpi). 



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    Getting Started

    Back in my developing days, in 2003, we used to use image resizing components so that we would optimize the images to ensure the templates are adhered to and the website speed is not compromised. This was 17 years back! Does the GoDaddy website builder have imaging resizing components so that user is not worried about image sizes and resolution? If you are not resizing images and optimising them, then please let me know!


    Now getting to the report that I have attached as screenshot about the website performance - 

    1. Reduce DNS lookups - This means that your DNS servers are slow. A good resolution for me would be to use a different DNS server like cloudflare.com. So I had shifted my DNS to cloudflare but a few days back I started to receive 500 server errors (SSL Handshake errors), again this was due to the fact that GoDaddy servers were slow and not responding in the designated time. So I moved the DNS back to GoDaddy servers to solve for the issues. Google will not list sites in their search if there are server or any errors on the website!! I hope you know this.


    2. Add expires headers - Allowing user to make modifications to the headers would be a good option for expert users like me. Since my website content remains pretty constant, I would like to set the expires header to maximum so that servers can use their cached content and not request for new content every time, this would boost my website's speed significantly.

    Currently, the GoDaddy website builder does not support this. Will this feature be implemented in any future sprints?


    3. Make fewer HTTP requests - This is a tricky one as I am not very confident on how to optimise this. Obvious ways would be to reduce the number of of components on the webpage, optimise the CSS and Javascripts. I would look forward to your technical expertise to address this. 


    So these were the top 3 reasons for poor performance of my website hosted on GoDaddy server.


    I have 2 more websites and their performance is even poorer if not the same. See below performance of my other site https://foreverlivingstore.com/

    Load time of http://foreverlivingstore.com/ w. Pingdom Tools 1739 ms. Size: 1.7 MB. Requests: 69. https://tools.pingdom.com/#5cc4d4081d000000


    Even your website - godaddy.com has similar performance issues

    Load time of http://godaddy.com/ w. Pingdom Tools 881 ms. Size: 1.1 MB. Requests: 139. https://tools.pingdom.com/#5cc4d4b1ee000000


    Now for some better performing site  - 

    See results for better sites like - http://foreverliving.com/

    Load time of http://foreverliving.com/ w. Pingdom Tools 684 ms. Size: 5.9 MB. Requests: 158. https://tools.pingdom.com/#5cc4d2d13b400000


    So I think you should review the issue more thoroughly. It is not as simple as resizing images.

    Please let me know if you would like to have a discussion on this. I would certainly like to speak to the technical support.


    Hope this was helpful and illustrates my concerns clearly.


    Now this is interesting!


    I just saw another post about the same concern, slow loading of websites posted on 9/4/2019 - https://in.godaddy.com/community/Websites-Marketing-Website/Leverage-browser-caching-for-Websites-Ma...


    There was a standard response from the moderator - "You'll want to be sure the photos/images you upload are sized close to the finished use, before they're uploaded. This saves the browser from working to down-size on every visit. You may also want to keep from having your pages be too long, opting instead to break them down into separate pages with a link in the menu."


    Your responses seems to be pretty standard. Are you sure this not a bot responding here???? 

    Getting Started

    That's good to know. I assumed that GoDaddy would optimize the images for online viewing. Should we also resize images to an optimal size eg, 800x800 pixels?

    Any other tips for speeding up mobile load times?

    Getting Started



    Is there an update here? Would you be looking into the issue?


    I have done some more research and found that there are some javascripts on the page which are not loading and causing the page to load slowly. When doing a mobile friendly test on google I have found 2 issues with javascripts which did not load. Then I viewed the page source of my website to see the source code and found that you are trying to run google ads on my website, which by the way I have not. You should be removing the script for it.


    My other site https://foreverlivingstore.com/ cannot be accessed by Google as the website is blocked by robots.txt. See result on this link - https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly?id=BwPgTm9ucaBDm5AW9KOMow



    These are very serious concerns and I see that I will have to speak to someone in tech support!