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    Moving through the CPanel file struction within HTML

    I have recently moved all my domains (and associated websites) to GoDaddy.  Everything I've tried to do with my webpages, so far, seems to work great except one item.  I have one main webhosting account and several ADDON domains beneath it.  So at my root directory (/home/rexroad/public_html) I have all my main domain html files and a pics folder and the several folder for my ADDON domains.  I want to reference the pics folder (/home/Rexroad/public_html/pics) from all my ADDON domains.  So from /home/rexroad/public_html/domain1.com/index.html I want to load a picture from higher in the structure.  Normally I would use <img src="../pics/image1.jpg"> to move up one level and then into the pics folder, but this does not work.  I can use <img src="http://www.rexroad.us/pics/image1.jpg"> but this is not very efficient.  Any ideas?  Thanks.......

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    Helper VI

    Hi there,


    Maybe I'm wrong or confused but... If you can use <img src="http://www.rexroad.us/pics/image1.jpg"> to show an image on "/home/rexroad/public_html/domain1.com/index.html"... That means "index.html" and "/pics/" are in the same directory... therefore, ".." is not necessary because "../pics/image1.jpg" will actually(should) take to the same directory as "domain1.com"...


    Here's a few things you can do to test which one will work:

    1 - <img src="/pics/image1.jpg">

    2 - <img src="/../pics/image1.jpg">


    Or, are you trying to use resources from a different subdomain?

    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @ fullstackwebsolution.com