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    Multiple member lists

    The website builder allows creation of a members list and pages can be restricted to access by those on the members list. However, the website builder allows creation of only a single members list. As a consequence, one cannot grant access to different pages to different members. Example: a website for a condominium association; it is desirable to grant access to pages containing sensitive information (e.g., financial) only to members who are condominium owners, but not to tenants. It is also desirable to grant access to other pages containing less sensitive information (e.g., Rules and Regulations) to both owners and tenants. This presently cannot be done, as confirmed by a GoDaddy tech.  HUGE DRAWBACK. HUGE DEFICIENCY. 


    Will this be addressed?


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    Re: Multiple member lists

    Hi @roccisjr,


    The website builder platform is an entry-level platform and is not designed for managing full membership sites.  The management of a membership site with multiple lists, members being part of more than one list, unsubscribing across lists, assigning single pages to multiple lists, assigning multiple lists to single pages, and showing parts of pages to specific membership levels is a rather complex set of programming. That is why the membership management platforms are specialized and are often more expensive. Keep in mind that many entry-level website builders do not even allow any sort of membership type functionality. 


    To truly run a membership site you will also need advanced email list management that is not necessarily suitable for use within the website builder.


    If you are going to truly develop your site into a member driven platform you will need to migrate to a platform that will give you the functionality that you need. The WordPress environment is full of membership platforms as is Drupal and Joomla!  


    You might consider taking some time drawing out the levels of your membership and where you want to monetize entry into your membership offering and then reviewing the platforms available to seek which fits your needs best.  


    While this may not be the answer that you are looking for, I hope it helps!


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