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    My free website builder is not launching...

    Forgive my ignorance.  I bought a domain, did the free website builder and went to launch and was told I needed to purchase Economy Linux hosting w/cpanel which I did.  My free website builder is not launching because they now say I need to purchase something else??? I am really confused...3 different go daddy people told me 3 different things.  I currently have 1. domain, 2. gocentralbusiness un launched and 3. economy linux hosting with cpanel. 

    can someone clarify for me please. thank you!

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    Re: Go Central

    Hi @lauriejm,


    Welcome to the Community!

    If you want to build your website using the GoCentral website builder, you do not need the cPanel hosting with that plan. You can cancel the cPanel and our customer support teams can provide a refund (if removed within 30 days). 


    If you would rather build your website on your own, or using a WordPress application (or other installed app), keep the cPanel hosting and allow the free GoCentral trial to expire. 


    It's really up to you how you want to build your website, but you do not need to purchase both. 






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    Re: Go Central/?isc=gdcommment

    I thought by using the website builder, I would create in myself and launch
    it via go daddy? I don't understand what path I need to take once I create
    it? They told me I needed to purchase a hosting plan for over $100, or
    have the cPanel Hosting which I already purchased. Can you explain the
    difference? I am not understanding. Sorry
    Laurie Williams
    Collaborative Community Housing Initiative