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    My html editor not working

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    Re: My html editor not working

    Hello "member of community". My index.html page would not load - into my HTML editor either. This is kind of a Big Deal for me (today). You see, my daughter was born on this day - many years ago - AND, I wanted to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is the Deputy Chief of Staff (to James Comey) at the fbi. So, I know they are always "watching" Dawn's Maom's WWW Home Page. Many years ago, I did a lot of TOP SEcret work for the US Government [Military STuff] ; But, since my stroke - I have slowed down quite a bit. In fact, my doctors are so pleased with my progress - and, how working with GODaddy (to build a web site) has helped me - THAT, they are considering to prescribe ( "building a web site") for more people like me - people who were "high-tech" workers - who did have a stroke. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dawn Marie Burton (Danielson-married). Your biological mom loves YOU! ALL BEST! Have a "fun" day! - Mom! (I am Susan Marie CASSADY Burton, Neuhart.) Zora Miller Sprouse Roby - is Dawn's Great Grand ma. Mary Elizabeth Sprouse - Cassady - is her Grand ma.


    Re: My html editor not working

    Hey @frustrated & @GoldbachLADY,


    Which HTML editors are you both trying to use? Maybe after more details of the error you're running into, other members might be able to offer some suggestions on how to work around the issue. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Re: My html editor not working

    Hello CG. Here's what happens (has happened for several days now) - and continues at this writing.

    1) I am all paid up - even paid up early (in advance of my due date).

    2) I log in.

    3) I go to the cPanel function area.

    4) The files in my home directory are displayed.

    5) I right-click on my index.html file

    6) I select - from the "jump-up" menu "HTML Editor"

    7) the following link appears - in the information bar:



    😎 I sit and watch and wait - and wait - and wait > nothing happens.

    9) Now, I am lucky. Although, I did have a stroke - and, I have just "lost" a lot of the technical stuff that I did know HOW TO DO - I can still go into the Code Edit function - and gently & cautiously touch the HTML directly. For Example, I was able to place a birthday message - onto my Merlin hyperlink page (my daughter loves cats).

    10) But, Hans (my husband) has found all of these genealogy research files - related to Zora (my grand mother) - and, I want to place them - onto my website. This may help the professors at UWGB - to help me.

    11) Thus, I need the HTML editor feature (that was a part of cPanel) to function.

    Thank you Guys! ALL of you. - I am Ms.Susan marie CASSADY Neuhart - AKA GoldBACH lady


    Re: My html editor not working

    Yes, I'm currently building a site and the HTML editor is a blessing.  Last Tuesday morning, I got up and logged in, like every other morning, but that morning my HTML editor would do nothing but load a blank page.  I decided to wait, assuming that GoDaddy was working on it.  After two days, I called in.  The techs had no idea what I was talking about - they didn't really know that the HTML editor existed.  From what I was understanding, most GoDaddy users don't really build websites, they deal in domain sales.  Finally, a guy got on the line, he told me to hold while he talked to his - I guess supervisor.  He came back and apologized and said that it was a known issue and that GoDaddy was working on it.  That was nearly 4 days ago.  I still can't access my HTML editor.  So this morning, I was just going to move everything to HostGator, but remembered that I have already paid for a 3 year hosting package, I'm stuck.  I have another site with a hosting package from GoDaddy, so I decided to see if it was also down.  And it was not!  I can use the HTML editor there.  The CPanel looks different.  The CP is white rather than orange.  It looks like it may be a newer version.

    If anyone can shed some more light onto this... PLEASE HELP.

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: My html editor not working

    Hi @jwisdo@GoldbachLADY, and @frustrated


    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. As @jwisdo mentioned, this was an issue we became aware of around the time this thread was created. It should now be resolved, and the HTML editor should be working as intended. If it isn't, please reach out to our support team so they can look into what's happening for you. Thank you all for your patience. 


    Since this is an older issue and has been resolved, I'm going to close discussion here. 


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at x.co/247support | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.