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    Need help with delivery postcodes please



    I've recently registered and set up my website but when setting up the shipping methods, I clicked the button that said "only ship to certain postal codes" and I entered the post codes NN15 and NN16 as I have a local store and just want to deliver in those areas.  I published the website and now with every order I try to place it says "we are unable to calculate shipping rates for the selected items".  I've made sure that both items have the option "calculate shipping based on my shipping rules" and I can't work out why it's not working.  Surely I don't need to be more specific in entering my post code requirements as in street level specificity as that would be a nightmare!


    Thanks guys!


    EDIT: Just managed to get through to live chat and the guy said that you do have to enter each post code manually!  Just in NN15 there are over 1000 postcodes and you can't copy and paste either!  Surely surely to God there must be a way to enter NN15 *** or NN15 1** or something like that.  I just cannot believe that there isn't?!

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    @mysmallshopI am dealing with the same issue. Entering 2000 postal codes manually just does not make sense. Did you find a way to solve this? Thank you!


    I am dealing with the same
    Issue. Please please please
    Sort this out Go Daddy. In the UK we need a local delivery region option that is more specific than UK wide! Or we need your postcode function to allow us to put the first 3 or 4
    digits plus wildcards. Local delivery is so important to small businesses and could be the different between staying in business and not! You also restrict the postcodes to 100 under local delivery feature. 100 is about a half mile radius from me. That is not enough! If anyone can tell me how to enter the postcodes with M33 and a wildcard please let me know. Go daddy please allow more postcodes or narrow down the regions in the Uk for local delivery.

    Having the exact same problem here! We deliver in an area with over 10,000 postcodes!