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    Helper V

    New June 2018 Features for GoCentral/Website Builder

    Thought I'd share this info in case others haven't seen it.




    There have been some new features added recently. (Also see May features in the GD blog.) I was most excited to hear about the text linking that now allows you to link to sections on some pages, not just whole pages. Hurray! Unfortunately, I just tried it out and the drop down menu where you choose which section to link to goes off the bottom of the screen so you can't get to them! Huge bummer. Not working.


    Also, be sure to double check the link you set up. I'm pretty sure I have one of my links set to a specific section on one of my pages and instead it went to the contact us page. Who knows. I've had enough of this for one day.

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    Helper V

    FYI - The issue with the drop-down box going below the screen and out of view has been resolved! Yea! It's working great now. Thanks, GD developers!

    Yay, glad we got this fixed for you - sorry for the trouble!



    Heidi, GoDaddy product manager