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    New to creating Web Site. What do I need in a web site?

    Hello. I am new to creating web sites. Not sure what I need or where to start. I want to create a web site that may at some point turn into a business. Since it is just me, I probaly only need one e-mail at this time. Do I need a business plan, or a web hosting plan? I know I will need privacy and security to protect the site. I may at some point offer things for sale on the site but not for sure. Really I don't know where this will go, or how to get there, but I want to get started. I don't want to purchase things I don't need since I may not ever make any money for the site. Ideas or suggestions?

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    Re: New to creating Web Site. What do I need in a web site?

    Hey there @Rescuemedic1,


    Thanks for being a part of the community. Let's see if we can help you out!


    First of all, since you're just starting out, I wouldn't go crazy. If you're pretty good with web design and have a familiarity with a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, you definitely want to check out Linux cPanel web hosting.


    If you're not familiar with web design or anything that entails, I would suggest getting GoCentral.


    Both will offer upgrade paths for more traffic, e-commerce, etc.


    WordPress is the more versatile of the two but it takes some time to learn how to use it properly and can be frustrating for first time users. GoCentral is easy to use but can be somewhat limited when it comes to customization.


    WordPress will require daily maintenance and you'll have to provide the security. All that is taken care of with GoCentral.


    As far as which plan to get, I would either get Shared Hosting or the Business GoCentral plan. You can upgrade as you need based on traffic, features, or whatever your needs may be.


    Based on what you're saying, I would start with a GoCentral site and see how it goes. It literally comes with everything you'll need to get started.


    Hope that helps!

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