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    New website - heaps of questions

    Before I go on, I can't phone godaddy for support, only email or chat - can't find email support and chat is non responsive at night when I need it.  I don't know where else to turn.. so I'm here.

    I've built a website on WIX which I have to abandon as they have zero customer service, so I'm trying to build one here now on the recommendations of others.  My questions/problems are:

    1.  Are there templates with scrolling banners?  If so, where do I find them?

    2. Photos aren't uploading - what's the deal with that?  I've tried drop and drag as well as hitting the upload button

    3. I will need to buy a domain name and have it hosted, but first I need to know that an existing gmail account can be linked as is to this new website.


    Basically I need to be able to get these questions answered by a human - I don't have the time to watch tutorials, wade through FAQs or constantly ask the community.

    Can anyone here help me with my questions or alternatively tell me how I can get real customer service from godaddy?

    I have to get this website built and live within a week and I'm already looking for alternatives.  




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    Super User III

    Re: New website - heaps of questions

    Hey there @Didee01,


    Phone or chat support are the only avenues for direct support, currently. This community is a pretty good alternative but you'll have to keep in mind we're volunteers and we don't have access to the backend of GoDaddy's business.


    First things first, this guide is super helpful for GoCentral and details everything it can do for the most part. Save that link!


    That being said, let's try to answer some questions.


    1. I'm not sure what you mean by scrolling banners, exactly. Do you mean like parallax scrolling, a gallery, or something else?
    2. If your photos aren't uploading, first thing I'd do is clear my browser cache, restart my router (leave off for about 30 seconds and restart to clear it's cache), and try a reboot on the computer. If that doesn't work, then it's most likely an issue with GoCentral itself that would need to be addressed by tech support.
    3. Yes, you can absolutely connect your existing Gmail account. That shouldn't be an issue.



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    Re: New website - heaps of questions

    Hi @Didee01. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! As for question 1, we do have a promotional banner that you can enable on accounts that have Online Store (highest tier plan). Other than that, you could also try embedding a banner using an HTML section if you have a code for it. Hope that helps. 


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