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    Online Store Options Limit

    OK. I have the GoDaddy Quick Shopping cart but as business expanded it became less than ideal. I switched over to the Online Store. I make gun holsters. When doing the Options, the first thing I need to know is the Model of gun you have, but it has to be from a set of options that I have. So the first option is "MODEL" I know that I can only have 100 model options in that drop down menu. I filled the 100 spaces with different models, but then later decided I wanted to remove 5 old ones and add 2 new ones, but it refuses to save it giving me the error message that there are too many options listed under MODEL. I counted them and there are 95 currently in there.  I called Tech Support and they are basically telling me that I am given 100 options for the drop down menu to work with and even though I deleted 5 of them, it still is showing that I used 100, not that I am back to 95 open spaces. I guess it is kinda like money. You have 100 pennies and if you spend one or loose one it is gone and you will not get it back.  This is going to be a serious issue if any of your products use or change the items within an option.  You only have 100 chances so  get them right and never change them or delete them because you can't get them back.


    I have also gone to products that I had not deleted the option items and tried just renaming them to the new items and the others that I didn't want I changed to "Future Model" but it still would not let me save it because the other options in other products was gone already.


    Anyone heard about this or can think of a solution? I've spent 3 weeks working on this website and was looking at going live tomorrow and now I can't even use it.

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    Re: Online Store Options Limit

    Hey @OmegaHolsters,
    What tool are you using for your storefront? I do know that some storefront tools are better than others. Perhaps the issue is that you are using the wrong platform? I don't know if you have access but maybe going into the database directly is the solution? I hope that helps?

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    Re: Online Store Options Limit

    I know this is an old thread, but maybe this will help other GoDaddy customers who come across this. I found a solution in another OPTIONS question in the community. Perhaps it will help. I had a problem with import errors about "too many option values for option" XYZ. This solution helped me resolve it. It seems that it isn't about how many option values you have under an option name, but how many option value records there are in the entire product database under a specific option name. In my case, my OPTION NAME was "Choose a Print Type". When I changed that (on the records that would not import) to "Choose Option Type" (without the "an"), it worked perfectly.  Here is the quote from the other question in the community that helped me resolve it.


    Pow Apprentice wrote:


    Re: ERROR: Too many option values specified for option Colors [Original Thread Title]

    There is "option" restrictions for online stores. The more I think about it, the more I am confused about the number limit. My store has reached its limited for "color" and "colors" so, now I'm using "color's".  I would imagine getting the error, "ERROR: Too many option values specified for option Size," would be from the same issue. So, if anybody else has these issues, simply change the title of the options you're adding to your product." 


    Re: Online Store Options Limit

    I'm getting this error. Any idea? For example one of my options is Charcoal-Small, Charcoal-Medium etc. image.png

    Re: Online Store Options Limit

    @emedina432 wrote:

    I'm getting this error. Any idea? For example one of my options is Charcoal-Small, Charcoal-Medium etc. image.png

    how many products do you have for each one of those options? have you tried changing the option to Charcoal - Small (notice the space before and after the "-")?