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    Payment link on my website are not working properly on mobile through social media (facebook)

    The link to forward payments through my website is broken when shared to facebook.  It is only an issue on mobile devices.  The link works when clicked on through a computer.  Also, if I go directly to the website from mobile device, everything works fine.  Here is what comes up when trying to access the payment page through social media.Image-1.jpg

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    Hi @wbarnes00,


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    You haven't mentioned whether you are using a GoCentral (website only) plan or the Online Store. You can set up Stripe, Square, and PayPal payments for your Online Store as part of the eCommerce plan. If you are trying to link to an external payment provider (not included above), you may wish to ask them if they have mobile requirements for your link and their setup. You may also wish to advise our community as to the link you've used, so other community members may be able to relay their personal experiences. 



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