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    Perfect signup form

    The form is perfect when added the embed code in Wordpress. I can sign up. I get the activation email and it takes me back to the homepage. All is great except no one else can even see it. I can't either when I am logged out of WP.

    . I have saved it 100 tines, I have added it using the plugin but it won't allow you to type. If it could always be as it is when I am logged in it would be perfect. In was up all night trying different ways and it's making me nuts. 


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    Re: Perfect signup form

    Update...I moved it all around once more in a different theme and it's working perfectly  even with  friend who signed up and then told me what happens after on her end. I am so happy. To clue others in if they he this  position, I feel it was the template causing it so try switching to another,


    Thank you,


    Kathy Berry