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    Photo editing problem

    Hi guys, I'm new to Godaddy and am currently building my website. I'm uploading my chosen photos, then editing them, but when I click 'Preview' they aren't saving. The photos stay in their original position. Suggestions? Thanks


    Thanks, I've sorted it now. To edit the photo I needed to move the 'spot' inside the photo rather than the photo itself - if that makes sense? Anyway, all fine now!

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    Hi @Brennwood,

    Can I just ask (although it seems simple to understand, I wonder if you are using the word 'edit' in the wrong context?), what you mean exactly by 'edit'?


    Thanks, I've sorted it now. To edit the photo I needed to move the 'spot' inside the photo rather than the photo itself - if that makes sense? Anyway, all fine now!

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    Hi @Brennwood,

    Glad you got it sorted Smiley Happy

    I am constantly losing the photo's that I "inserted".  Looks fine in the builder but online, they are gone....just a little tiny box is left.  Support says to rebuild the entire website using the latest website builder.  I've spent months building this and would not even remember all the details as well as locating my photo's again.  Godaddy did a big upgrade but to use it you have to start from scratch.  Just like a Microsoft Window's upgrade takes place automatically behind the scenes, I believe Godaddy's should too,  So, I continue to delete and re-insert photos weekly.... frustrating !!

    The "spot" doesn't work as it should, and the more you move it, the picture enlarges. Very frustrating.

    Hi.  I am also new to GoDaddy and I am having a similar problem with photos.  I changed my photos and have previewed them.  They are fine in the preview, but when I publish and go to the View Website nothing has changed. I am still in my free trial, does that effect my views>


    The chosen photos often don't fit the pre-programmed circles and rectangles, and when you use the dot to reposition them, instead it causes some sort of freakish enlargement. Same way with viewing the website on my desktop or laptop....often the photos have been enlarged. We need the OPPOSITE option of making the pictures smaller to fit in the predetermined areas. This is a very frustrating feature of GoDaddy web builder, in addition to the paltry amount of field options there is to choose from....and you are unable to insert elements into a page the way you want them to be. I really wish the treasurer of our club had selected another service like Wild Apricot, which I use for another group and find very versatile and useful.

    I am having the same problem. It seems to be getting progressively worse as I continue to build my site. Until this problem is addressed, this product is useless

    Unfortunately me to. When I put my image in it cuts off part of it and then keeps getting larger andd the focus dot is useless. I have spent more time trying to get the whole picture to show than it took to build the website.


    Also the lack of choice is templates is frustrating it would not be as bad if you were able to add photo's and text to areas of the basic template but you cannot. 


    Needs sorting out

    I hope someone can help us fix this problem of the photos coming in too large, then clicking on the green centering button making the photo even larger.

    HELP!! Someone, can anyone help!!

    SAME HERE! Is no one helping on this issue? What the heck?

    I having a problem with the photo position of  the image I supplied has the top of my image cropped at the top. How do I move the image down to fix the image. Also the font type and size needs to be change on the page, how do I make that change?

    You have to click on each one individually and see the check in the circle one at a time.


    There is no bundling function.  I did what you did and rushed and it didn't work.  Get slow.


    Do it again.