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    Php save_session path not defined, can't use sessions

    Hi all,

    I have the deluxe linux hosting. I had a site working just fine for years. Now all of a sudden, it gives me the error:

    Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct () in Unknown on line 0


    I tried changing php.ini to include a tmp directory in my web space (which I created with read/write access for everyone, except for public). Still no dice.


    Has there been a change recently on godaddy?  Is there an easy way to change this value  that I'm missing?

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    I just had the same problem after they "upgraded" my account, which seems to mean they moved me to a new server. The issue was that there was no temp directory on my new account. This is a directory located one level above anything you can access. You'll need to contact support and let them know that the tmp directory doesn't exist so they can add it and you'll be good to go.


    Good Evening,

    I've experienced the same issues this past week.  Were you able to get GoDaddy to set up the temporary file?   They have not agreed to do it, so far, for me.


    Did it solve your problem?


    Thanks, Mike


     just spend over an hour on with tech support for this EXACT SAME PROBLEM, even providing this page and a couple of others as an indication of what was happening and what the reported fix was. I went to that effort because I spent over two hours on with them yesterday, only to have a missing path issue be fixed and exposing the session issue.


    The end result? They are telling me the issue must be with my PHP code. I have a couple of problems with this: First, we're talking about 3 applications on two different accounts all having the same issues after working for YEARS until they moved me to another server some months back. Second, the error pretty clearly indicates an error with session_start() and file paths (which are not part of my scripting).


    I recently started freelancing and came back to my GoDaddy code to use as examples of my work and develop proof of concept and program modules. I had assumed I'd just need to alter some references to point to the new MySQL location and update a my pages somewhat, but a week later, I'm stuck with a non-functioning service.


    What this means to me is that after having multiple hosting accounts and domains for well over 10 years with Godaddy, I won't be renewing my products when they expire next month. I have no intention to continue to pay for a service I can't use, especially when I just lost a couple of job opportunities while wasting time and failing to get a once functional site going again.