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    Please Help with iframe not rendering

    Hi, I have a custom form I'm embedding into an HTML block.  It's contained in an iframe, but I can't get the form to render.  When viewing the page live, inspecting it shows the iframe is there, and has the correct attributes, but where the form should be there's a blank space.  

    Here's the code:

    <iframe src='http://www.CompeteStudio.com/Forms/Form1.aspx?sid=18&hsid=9MX2ND8%2f27HJF3RTTSb5sw%3d%3d&fid=11&hfid... ' frameborder='0' style='height: 594px; width: 100%;' ></iframe>


    Someone online had a similar issue and suggested changing the src from "http" to "https" to force a secure connection and make sure GoDaddy's protocol didn't conflict with the old http protocol, but that didn't solve the problem.

    Please help!

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