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    Point website DNS to a new server

    We have email hosted with here and ONLY wish to move website hosting to not use their website builder? Do we only need to change this one entry?

    @WSB Published Site


    how do we make sure we allow for both versions, with WWW and without, need 2 entries in your DNS?

    So basically, keep your nameservers, just point website to another server.
    Do you have a help page for this scenario please?

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    Hello there,


    You're on the right track. You would just update the A record in your DNS to point to the new hosting's IP address.


    If it already currently uses both the www and non-www, then the CNAME should already be in there and you should be good to go.



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    thanks Joe,
    currently the users are always redirected to www version which is fine and wish to keep it that way.
    so do I only need to change the A record in this case, the following?

    a              @             WSB Published Site  

    so just replace the WSB Published Site text with the new IP?


    and leave this one as is or needs adjusting?

    cname               www               @           


    appreciate your help, want to really make sure nothing goes offline during this change