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    Problems With Theme's and Mobile Site Scaling

    There is an issue with title fonts and mobile scaling where the title text drops some characters (see images)

    I was told by the help chat tech that the support team say it is an issue with some mobile phones but that is not the case because it both works correctly on my phone and then doesn't work if I change the font.

    It appears that the issue lies with the fact that some of the themes aren't scaling correctly, it shows correctly on both Chrome and Samsung browsers on my phone, friends phone and even on the tech support chat person's phone. Yet another Android Phone of a software developer friend drops the Y from the title. 

    If I change the font to the one I actually want to use, then the computer screen preview drops the H and Y and yet my phone only drops the Y.


    The workaround is to find a theme that works and use that until they've fixed the issue. My concern is that it is a known fault and they haven't fixed it yet so, how long is it going to take.




    I would urge people to do a site preview and check your text is scaling correctly because I wasn't aware until I sent out a FB notification and people told me about the issue.

    Dave Sumner

    Imagistic Photography
    The best pictures always present themselves the minute you put your camera away.
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