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    Problems with managing two domain in one Cpanel Account

    I recently purchased a Deluxe hosting plan - and i have two domains in one account.

    I.e domain1.com and domain2.com


    Problem 1.

    The problems is when i create a sub-domain in Domain1.com like test.domain1.com, the system will also clone the subdomain with the same name in my other domain - test.domain2.com


    Problem 2.

    Same thing is happening when i create an email in cpanel for domain1.com, sales@domain1.com.

    the system will clone another same name in my other domain - sales@domain2.com


    Any help appreciated.

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    Hey @Davtnt


    Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


    You're describing a very unusual behavior since subdomains and email addresses setup within a cPanel shared hosting plan should be specific to the domain name you're setting it up for. It shouldn't be applying the updates to other domains you have aliased to the same plan. 


    Have you tried reaching out to our live support so our hosting team can help investigate into this activity to see what might be triggering this? It may be hard to address this over a public discussion without having direct access to the plan to review.


    If another member has encountered something similar to this behavior before, perhaps they can share what they did to correct it?


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