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    Publish new preview site using registered url and replace original site.

    Hello- I have a site, wsrp.org that is currently hosted elsewhere. There have been multiple issues with that host so a new site was created as a subdomain on my account with GoDaddy. The intention is to replace that original site with that host with the new site with GoDaddy.


    Original url wsrp.org. We want to continue to use this url.

    New site devwsrp.1sparkmarketing.com.


    I want to publish devwsrp.1sparkmarketing as wsrp.org.

    I also need to install an SSL certificate on the new site.


    I could use some help figuring out the exact steps and the order of the steps. 


    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi there, we have moved your post to under "building websites" because it was a better fit for your issue. ^KJ

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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