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    Remove QTY & Shipping and add fields to checkout

    Wondering if someone could assist.  We have created an ecommerce store with the website builder however there are some things that just don't suit us.


    We sell domain names and so we always only ever have 1 of each of our product listings.  We have put the QTY in as 1 but its not really suitable because text comes up that says "There is only 1 item left", this just looks ridiculous for what we do.  Can we remove the text and the QTY at all?


    Also, there is obviously no shipping required, so is there a way to remove this altogether as well.


    And finally, are we able to add custom fields to the checkout as there is certain information we need to acquire from each customer.

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    Re: Remove QTY & Shipping and add fields to checkout

    Hi @GoldClassDomain,


    Thanks for posting. If you are using our GoCentral Online store the quantity cannot be removed. Our Online Store currently only supports tangible products or services. Unfortunately, It currently does not support e-products like domain names. I recommend looking into WordPress WooCommerce for the type of site you are trying to create. You can also list your domains for sale on our site with an Auctions membership.


    Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support