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    Removing date & Adding Facebook comments

    Hello, I've just set up my website, I hate the fact that there is a date on posts as it now looks like everything was added on one day which it did but I think it looks so unprofessional. I also need to add Facebook comments, likes & shares. I spoke to them on the phone & was told this is the perfect package for me when it's really not. Should I find another company? Thanks

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    Re: Removing date & Adding Facebook comments

    Hi @Clare-Hawaii, thanks for posting.

    This depends on what service you were using to build your site. It sounds like you might be using Managed WordPress. If you are not using Managed WordPress, please follow up and clarify what you are using.

    If you are using Managed WordPress, you can change the published date of posts by editing them.

    Facebook comments are not in WordPress by default, but you should be able to add them by using a plugin. Another Community Member might have some suggestions on what to use.


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    Re: Removing date & Adding Facebook comments

    Hi @GaryA, No Im not using WordPress Im using the Godaddy web builder that Im paying for.

    It looks unprofessional & I cant have it looking that way.  I have sent 3 emails with no reply & Im getting very frustrated as I have businesses that want to work with me so I need it fixed asap or should I find another company to use? 

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    Re: Removing date & Adding Facebook comments



    GoDaddy is always adding new flexibility, features and options for GoCentral. You can track that here.


    In the meantime, since GoCentral is not meeting your needs, as @GaryA intimated, what you mention is easily accomplished with WordPress. 


    No need to find another company, just switch to a platform that does what you need. 😉


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