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    Resize entire photo gallery?

    Hi all! I'm using GoCentral Website Builder.


    Is there a way to resize the entire photo gallery? I'm using the layout that says "Display many stacked images on the page." And, it's great, just a little overwhelmingly large. It's good on the mobile version, but a little too large for my taste on the desktop. If I could just resize the whole gallery so it's just a tad smaller, it would be perfect. 


    Is there any way to do this? 




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    Re: Resize entire photo gallery?



    Was looking through unanswered posts and found yours from a week ago...  Unfortunately, we only have the choices provided for the gallery option.   This is one of the limitations of using a web builder like GoCentral. 


    The "Display many stacked images on a page" is the option I would choose for smaller display too. 😉



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    Re: Resize entire photo gallery?

    Cool. Thank you! 🙂