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    Running into issues with file size limits with Website Builder

    I am using Website Builder. We are a Historical Society.

    We are going to be uploading several large PDF files and photos.

    I have tried to upload 2 PDF files, one is 28585KB and the other is 24903KB. I do not get any error messages when I upload them. So I think everything is OK.

    I then link them to their key word everything is fine.

    When I test it in preview mode only 1 page out of 40 shows up on both documents.

    So, there is obviously a upload issue here. I event published it to see if it was just something in the preview mode. Nope. I only get 1 page when published.

    Show do I get around this problem? What do we need to do to be able to have these big documents on our website?




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    Re: File size limits

    I am not completely sure about the filesize for GoCentral uploads but a 40 page file might be a bit much @TwinsburgHS? Have you tried optimizing your PDF files for the web? Perhaps you can host files using a outside repository?


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    Re: File size limits

    Found out that how the file was scanned in as a PDF was not done totally correctly. I compressed the file with Ilovepdf.com website and now everything works fine.