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    Same blogs appearing on all pages

    Hi, on my website www.theurbanguy.in

    My blogs are appearing all together. For example the blog for fitness and money (in total 3 blogs) all appear together where as I want health blog to be on health and fitness page and money blogs under money page. Whenever I add the blog section on a page, all blogs get transferred under the new page, instead of the appropriate page. 

    It's like irrespective of what you want to eat, you will be served all menu together. Pls help.


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    Did you get this resolved?  I looked at your site and each topic page appears to only include the posts for that topic.   The Blog/All Posts page is an archive of the entire blog and will show everything regardless of where the posted is filed.


    If you still need help, let us know, okay?  😉




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