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    Scheduler days not hours

    Hi All,


    I am new to Go Daddy but think I may be a convery (over from Moonfruit). I am just creating a website for a hire company I am setting up. I want to have a scheduler/ booking for each item, for a number of days (minimum being three). I have set all my items up in a shop, but think this may be the wrong way and I should take bookings through the scheduler? I have tried this approach but cant sem to change from hours to days.


    I have each item set up, as in item A has its own diary, as does Item B, C etc. I also need the fee to increase for the length of booking.


    Any ideas really appreciated x

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    Re: Scheduler days not hours

    I don't know your exact situation @IntentsIsland but in the past I have configured a Appointments & Services section by day and even multiple days. You can pick appointment duration (by hour) to reflect your day. If there are eight (8) hours in your day then you should just set the appointment to eight (8) hours or ten (10) and so on.. 


    You can also make events or trainings that occur repeatedly to recurring and cut out some work for yourself. You can repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly... I hope that helps?


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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