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    Section: alignment of items

    I'm displaying many items in my Section. Each item has a headline at the top, a photo in the middle, and text at the bottom. Some items's headlines have two lines; some have one line. GoDaddy aligns items along the top in a section row. This means my photos aren't lining up; the ones under one-line headlines are aligned higher than those under two-line headlines. How do I change the alignment to Middle, so that all photos are aligned?


    I have tried forcing a second line of each of the headlines by adding spaces, but some browsers override the extra spaces. 

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    Re: Section: alignment of items



    Did you ever find a solution?   If not, if you can provide more information as to which "section" or widget you are using for layout that would be helpful.  Each widget has different formatting options.  


    Also include a link so I can see what you are trying to accomplish, okay?  😉


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    Re: Section: alignment of items

    Thanks yes I stopped using that layout 😄