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    Select All on a page and move all objects

    I need to be able to select all content on a page and move it all down. Ultimate goal is to add new content to top of page below heading, but need space available. Only way I can think to do that is to select all and move content. But I can't. Even though time consuming, I also can't ctrl-click on each item and move all down. Once I get to bottom of screen, if I try to scroll down to select more, it de-selects what I've already chosen.

    There's another thread that suggests using the Settings in Background Tools to change width or height, but those changes affects ALL pages. That's not really a solution.

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    Re: Select All on a page and move all objects

    I actually do something a bit different @Karabunga. If you go to the Sections part of your Pages you will see the reorder menu. Check out Reorder sections in my website and Add a section. I hope that helps?


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