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    Server side includes

    I recently transferred my site to GoDaddy from a different host. I'm using a Windows server account. My site has pages that use server side includes, but they aren't working currently. 


    I was initially using: 

    #include virtual="source/X.htm"


    But then tried:

    #include file="source\X.htm"


    Neither method works. 


    I have ASP and every other scripting type enabled. 


    Info on include:



    What am I missing and how do I get this working?

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    Re: Server side includes

    Hi @rationalrevo, thanks for posting.

    You'll want to ensure that it is in the format of:

    <!-- #include file="file.html"-->

    I haven't personally used SSI's in an ASP file, only HTML/SHTML files. You may want to test it in an HTML file first to see if you can get it working there.

    Otherwise, you might want to contact Support to have them review your account in detail.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Server side includes (SSI) for Linux cPanel

    Is SSI available with Linux hosting?


    Is it less secure? Unacceptably so?


    How, exactly, is it enabled? The directions I've seen online appear to be old. It's 2017.


    Are .shtml filename extensions needed on the pages loading the content referred to be the SSI calls? If not needed, is it desirable or undesirable in any way to use .shtml naming (eg., will such pages be targeted for any peculiar vulnerabilities?


    What is the exact code format needed in the pages calling the content? I've seen a number of variations, some using "virtual" in the reference, some using "file", and some use relative paths whiles others use absolute paths.