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    Setting up ASP Schema for MSSQL Database in Plesk

    I want to setup an MSSQL server including ASP Schema.  The "Classic" control panel supposedly had an "Actions" button for databases, including the building of the ASP schema for membership, users and so on.


    How do I set up my MSSQL ASP membership in Plesk?

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    Re: Setting up ASP Schema for MSSQL Database in Plesk

    Okay, I guess a lot of people will need this, so I'll put it here for future reference.  This is SUPER important for ASP, especially if you are going to use SQL authentication for your site.


    In Plesk

    -Go to Databases and find the name of the MSSQL database you created, the IP address for the server, and the user name you set for it.


    In Windows (i.e. on your own computer)

    1)  Make sure you have the latest .NET libraries installed on your home computer.

    2)  Browse to  your Windows folder (Usually C:\Windows)\Microsoft.Net\Framework\(latest framework)

    3)  Run aspnet_regsql.exe


    In the setup program that pops up

    1)  Fill in "Server" with the IP listed for your database.

    2) Choose "SQLServer authentication" and fill in your Database username and password

    3) Next to the Database, type your Database name, or select it from the dropdown list.


    Click "Next" and wait (for a fairly long time) for all your tables and stored procedures to get set up for you.



    Re: Setting up ASP Schema for MSSQL Database in Plesk

    This just made my day... thank you @bennyboy