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    Helper I

    Showstopper bug in go central calendar view effects platform - no idea when fix is coming

    Recently, there was a bug introduced in a release that completely made our calendar unusable. I am reaching out to the community to see if there are any workarounds or other insight.




    I linked the go central calendar page to a google calendar, as recommended by godaddy. Worked great for some number of weeks, but all of a sudden events advertised for 5:30pm are now showing up as 10:30pm. Yikes! I am told buy godaddy that the time is being displayed in UTC time. The only country that comes to mind on UTC time is Iceland, or 5 hours ahead of our Central Daylight Time right now. I can’t pinpoint the time the bug was introduced, but it must have been in the last week or so, as I just launched our new website on go central last week, and it was noticed yesterday.


    I went many rounds with go daddy support yesterday. They admitted that it is a known issue with the ‘platform’, but they can’t tell me if/when it will be fixed, they do not not have workaround.


    I am normally a walking positive commercial for godaddy and the world class products and support, but the company processes i am exposing with this issue are maddening. The calendar is fundamental to the local landscaping / patio / garden center business. I was running into bugs that would not be fixed in website builder 7, so I completely redesigned the website in go central. I have to admit it is much better, but after 1 week, this bug kills that entire effort.


    I know bugs happen, but i would expect the following from go daddy:


    1) share the bug number and be open about what bugs are fixed in each platform release - so I have a reference to talk to support, I can monitor releases and see when it is fixed. If engineering at godaddy was as good as the support function, they would keep track of customers that hit bugs and email them when the bug is fixed - many companies do this automatically and without any real effort.


    2) share the severity level  and/or allow me as a customer to escalate the priority. I need something tangible and actionable to run this crucial tool for the business. Past talking to a supervisor in support, who was awesome and tried but failed to get more actionable info, i have no idea how this is classified internally, even though it is a platform issue. Support told me it could be this week, next week or 6 months from now. That is a quote. Not fun for a decade long customer like me, who has been following go daddy across website builder 6, then 7, and now go central, and hit a debilitating bug that leaves me feeling abandoned and wishing my investment was with another partner.


    3) empower support to support. I heard a lot of ‘i understand’, but i received nothing tangible that allows me to keep our business running on the tools we invested in. They thought that telling me it is a known issue would be helpful. Not at all. I need a workaround. If no workaround is available, tell me more about the issue so i can be creative and try to work around it. Give me a timeframe or severity level, or something to keep me as a customer please. I am very very frustrated with go daddy over this. Support claims that a they don’t have the info either, which means the engineering at go daddy is keeping them unecessarily in the dark. Not good for the folks in the trenches.


    Please go daddy, understand that this bug is serious, and that your customers are just hanging in the breeze hoping and praying for a fix that will happen ‘someday’. Stuff happens, but when we are left hanging in the dark breeze, we are not partners, but rather, customers who will churn.


    Is anybody else seeing this issue?  

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    Helper I

    Re: Showstopper bug in go central calendar view effects platform - no idea when fix is coming

    I posted this reply to somebody having the same issue. However, this reply disappeared, so I am posting it here.

    I believe I ran into the same problem. I posted here: My issue

    I feel like I need to start over also, given the gravity of this bug and absolutely no commitment from godaddy that they are even taking it seriously. However, I have so much time invested so far.

    I am going to move all my events by 5 hours so they will be displayed correctly...my own workaround, but godaddy refuses to let me know if this will even address the problem. Of course, this is extra painful because my customers will go through another roller coaster when the problem is fixed...

    It is very frustrating that godaddy absolutely refuses to give us a timeframe to fix it. godaddy refuses to let us know when the fix hits the platform, so we get to find it randomly someday.

    Problems happen, and real partners show their strength by how they react. Godaddy is NOT being a good partner by how they are reacting by telling me it will be fixed sometime between next week and 6 months or more, and not giving a workaround, and not allowing customers to escalate, etc. Godaddy is reacting very badly and losing my trust and confidence.

    Very frustrated with Godaddy right now..


    Helper I

    Re: Showstopper bug in go central calendar view effects platform - no idea when fix is coming

    update; i manually changed all my public events by subtracting 5 hours (differnence between UTC and CDT) from each start time. this seemed to work.

    however, godaddy gave me zero input on wheather this would work for all existing and future appointments.

    worse, when godaddy blesses us with a fix, we are left to randomly discover this fix. if course, our end customers will suffer yet again with wrong times until we randomly discover that a fix is applied by checking to see when our calendar is all screwed up again, and then backing out the workaround.

    very frustrated with godaddy policies of secrecy and lack of partnership attitude.

    Re: Showstopper bug in go central calendar view effects platform - no idea when fix is coming

    Hey folks! 


    First off, I'm really sorry for your frustrations in trying to get status on when this would be fixed. Sometimes it takes us a bit to realize we've got a bug, and also to figure out the fix for it, so it can be difficult to predict how long it will take us to fix a particular bug. I hear you that some channel for referring to known issues would be helpful, and I'll take that back to the team as a suggestion. 


    This bug did get fixed, just yesterday. You will need to republish your site for the bug to resolve in your site though (once the site is published, we don't have a way to fix it). Thank you for your patience, and for the feedback. 



    Heidi, GoDaddy product manager

    Helper I

    Re: Showstopper bug in go central calendar view effects platform - no idea when fix is coming


    Thank you Heidi!


    I was able to publish the site with the fix tonight and then back out the work around. I really appreciate godaddy’s effective support on this. I hope there are some lessons learned for this to avoid the frustration next time. Stuff happens, and you guys have the best support, but there is room for improvement to make situations like this much less stressful.