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    Site Suddenly Times Out...Won't Load At All

    Tried to get into my site today, zenbreeze.com  It times out.   I tried 2 browsers on my laptop and my phone.  Same thing.   I called tech support and the guy said it loaded for him so he had nothing to suggest.

    I've now asked my online friends to check.  My site doesn't load for anyone, apparently, except godaddy tech support.

    I'm at a loss.  I run wordpress so, although I can get into my godaddy files through cpanel, I can't get to the wordpress dashboard.

    I'm seriously considering that the only answer is to start the site somewhere else and cancel godaddy.

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    Re: Site Suddenly Times Out...Won't Load At All

    Hi, I have multiple clients that use GoDaddy.  All seem to be working but one.  They are reporting the same issues you are.   I can see their site, get into admin, FTP, cpanel etc., but they (and many others) cannot.  If I am on my Cox network, it works.  If I use my phone's AT & T network, the site is down.   To me, it seems like it may be an outage of some sort on a specific server.   Given I am on a 35 minute hold just to speak with a hosting tech tells me something is awry. 

    UPDATE:  client now reports the site is up.  Downtime about 2 1/2 hours.


    Re: Site Suddenly Times Out...Won't Load At All

    Just as suddenly, it started loading for people, including me.   Yes, definitely, something was awry on the godaddy side.  It would have been nice if they'd made CS aware of that :(.