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    Song titles not showing when I publish the site?

    I have a bluegrass band and have posted several songs for customers.  The titles show fine on the website builder, but when I publish the site, some of them do not show.  I can't figure out why.   You can see the result on our website: www.potluckramblers.com   Can anyone tell me how to correct the problem?

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    Helper IV

    @jimfolkmusic The music is awesome. The site could use some work. Can you send a screen shot of exactly where you are expecting to see music? So I can compare to what I see and try to help.

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    I see your song titles are showing up now. How did you fix that? Having same problem

    I re-downloaded all my music all the existing tunes, then I reposted to my page, making sure I used a "visible" font color.  Basically, I started all over and ilt worked.   I do note that one song is incorrect, so I'll re-work that one (the title says one thing, but it's a totally different tune).  Good luck!



    Helper V



    Hi there Jim,

    Everything looks to be working well. Are you talking about when the music plays the song title is light in color? Just put your links a different color 🙂

    Have a good sound !

    Wish you well,


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