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    Specification of Geographic Location in HTML meta Data

    I am working on a web site for a band.  I'd like to increase the odds that someone searching for a band in NE Pennsylvania will find my site.  On the other hand my site will have little relevance to someone searching for a band in Southern California.  

    How do you do this in html?  Do you have to specify all towns, zip codes, and counties in NE Pennsylvania as keywords?  Or are search engines, hopefully, smart enough to understand the geographical relationship between all three?

    Thanks,  Bob

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    Re: Specification of Geographic Location in HTML meta Data

    Hmm if I understand what you're asking correctly, you're attempting to increase the likelihood of being found via a search engine if someone finds themselves in a particular geographic location, correct?


    Sounds like this is Search Engine Optimization work, as you so correctly assessed; including keywords within the HTML metadata tags of your website pages that would help the search engine crawlers find you more effectively.


    My advice would be to research relevant keyword terms that are local to the ecosystem or geographic location that you're trying to be found in; is there some hip lingo that only someone living in that part of town would know and be searching for online or is there a cool hotspot or known activity that someone would be searching for.  With this being tied to a band, think of the cool places the band has played at and try to find keywords that are highly searched for that would increase awareness


    You could also just place city names and states and all that but the reason why I'm kinda ambivalent towards going that way is because you're more vulnerable to putting yourself in a bidding or marketing budget wars with someone that way; someone with more money than you would just put more money into their advertising or marketing and they would wind up coming at the top of the search results every time, effectively knocking you out.


    You want to try to find things that are somewhat niche, local, yet extremely likely to be searched and relevant to your band's genre of music, where they play, and even the types of venues they play at and would like to play at!