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    Sub Category link to that category in the store

    I was having the hardest time figuring out how to have categories as a drop down menu on the home page link specific sub categories to that specific content on the store. So for example, if I was selling Clothes; For the categories I would have "T shirts, Long sleeve, Pants, etc..." and I wanted my customers to be able to click the category (say Pants) and it take them to that category in the store for them to purchase the item. Here is the way to do it!

    1. Make a category menu on your homepage

    2. Go to the subcategory you just made and click "add page"

    3. From there it should be an empty page. Click "add to page" or whatever it says

    4. Add "Content" the second option.

    5. Delete all of the pictures and text except one, replace it with the image and text of the category.

    6. Click "add link; Website URL" NOT PAGE!!!

    7. Open a new tab and go on your website like you're a customer; go to store.

    8. Go to the subcategory you are doing

    9. Copy and paste that URL and paste it to STEP 6.

    10. You now have subcategories that will take your customers directly to that item from the homepage drop down menu!!  


    Your customers will go on your homepage, know what they want to buy. They'll go to your category menu, click the category they know the item is in, it takes them to the page that will have the picture and the name of the subcategory again (can't avoid this repeat), they click on the picture and it opens a new tab directly to that category in your online store! so 3 clicks max to get to it. 

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    Community Manager

    Re: Sub Category link to that category in the store

    Nice write up @attractiveglass. I'm sure someone will find it useful! 


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    Re: Sub Category link to that category in the store

    Here's the Help article on how to do this: https://www.godaddy.com/help/add-dropdown-menu-for-my-website-27389
    Might not have seen it since title keys on "drop-down menu."
    Hope this helps others,