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    Subpages with the website builder

    I'm trying to make a page that is within another page. So for example, the URL would be


    mywebsite.com/page/subpage.html. However I cannot find an option that allows this. I need help.

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    Helper I

    Re: Subpages with the website builder

    I don't believe the old website builder (v6/v7) ever supported this functionality.


    vNext has it's pros, please see my other post.  My favorite is that it's Responsive, so no more need for Business pricing just to get auto-mobile layout.  I actually think vNext is much better suited for it's target audience, I can just pass it off a client with minimal explanation and they can easily tweak stuff without worrying that the page is all of a sudden gonna get a bunch of random white space at the bottom for now reason (I hated that bug in old version).  If you're that pissed with it just do a chat and they will add v7 to your cart manually.

    Re: Subpages with the website builder

    This answer has nothing to do with the question.  Seriously, how do you create subpages in Website Builder?  HostBaby lets you do this as a matter of course, no big deal.