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    'Subscribe' Feature for collecting mailing lists



    When people sign up for my mailing list, I would expect that the names and email addresses are compiled into some kind of list. However I'm being told by tech support that I need to manually key in each name and email address one at time, each time I receive an email. That seems crazy. Can that really be true? Does anyone know the solution to this -- either by using a GoDaddy produce or, if necessary, a third party app? Thanks.

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    Re: 'Subscribe' Feature for collecting mailing lists

    More info on how signup forms work can be found here:

    Basically, when you create a signup form you can link it to a subscriber list and anyone who signs up via this form will be added to this list automatically.  Then you'll be able to send email campaigns list by list.




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    Re: 'Subscribe' Feature for collecting mailing lists