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    Subscribing not working

    I've been trying to find the chat button for godaddy's "award winning helpline" but that doesn't seem to exists. My problem. People can't subscribe to my website. I have to manually enter them even though I have the widget on my homepage. I keep getting "Unknown Error"  How can I get this fixed? Please don't tell me to call them... I haven't the time or the inclination to let them know their web builder is full of bugs. Also, the preview on this doesn't work either... fyi.

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    Hey @TPKeane

    First, let me say welcome to the community! Looking forward to our future discussions we'll have with you! Smiley Happy

    The live chat buttons are generally on the top or bottom of these pages. However, they may not display if they're not currently in for the day. They're usually available Mon-Fri at 5AM - 6PM Arizona time (UTC-7). Should be available now as I'm writing this.

    As for the subscription issue you're encountering, is there a live page we can all look at? Perhaps another member who has encountered this before will recognize the solution if they see what is happening. 


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    Thanks for replying. www.tpkeane.com is the domain. It's still not working. Any help would be great.



    In looking at the element, the button, appears to be "disabled".


    <input disabled="disabled" class="form-submit form-button-disabled wsb-subscribe-submit" style="white-space:nowrap" value="Subscribe" type="button">


    I don't know, whether that applies to "email address", as well or whether that's separate.


    Right click on the "subscribe" button and click on "inspect element".



    I looked at the app ("email marketing") on WSB, the buttons came up, like yours, but saw no way to "kick it into gear". I did see, that they'll "give you the 1st 50 sends for free", which means, there is $$$ involved, at some point ... probably, before it works! Chatted, online, with one of the G/D reps, who had absolutely no clue, what I was talking about. Not surprised at that.

    Sigh, that sounds about right. Thanks for looking at it.



    Here is one link to the marketing of it >>



    Last night, I found "A how to", but don't see it to day.