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    Suggestion: Bug reporting and suggestions


    I just started online store in godaddy and I saw that when in "Quantity" is only one item for sale the scroll is still working and the customer can scroll to any number he want and after pressing "ADD TO CARD" the error is coming up without explenation to the customer why this is happen. Also in inventory settings and this is funny but you have option "Track Inventory" lets say you have 4 items for sale but godaddy store allows you to sell invisible items by "allow backordering" its mean that customer can scroll to any number he want but you have only 4 items for sale. I just wonder is there any solution for that error ?
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    Hi @evolvalcom,


    Some good points there, and some good reasons to bring up and discuss, but I couldn't help smiling at your funny bit, it is Smiley Happy

    It made my naughty devil on my shoulder whisper a 'solution': "Get more stock!" but that's in humour, not a real solution.

    It's this way with a lot of errors, they often either give you a message written in Sanskrit, or nothing except "An error was detected, we can't process your order, have a really nice day now"!

    To have all errors covering all eventualities would be a program ten times as large, but reaching out to support may be able to offer you some better 'solutions as my little devil who said "get more stock"!'

    Smiley Happy




    aka @rammsteinium