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    TLS Errors periodically for Edge browser with default settings

    Hi - 


    My Edge browser somewhat randomly gives me TLS errors.  Maybe about 20% of the time for page loads.  It's pretty annoying.  The Edge browser is using default settings and I don't see this particular error from lots of other browsing with Edge.  The reason for the error displayed in the web browser is "site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings"  The very strange thing is a simple reload usually brings the page back up without problems, so the problem is only occasional.


    But, I have a related question.  I really don't need HTTPS for my particular site and in fact would prefer HTTP.  That would also solve my problem.  Is there a way to disable HTTPS for the Website Builder.  I didn't see that option in any of the settings.  When I try HTTP, the website server always redirects to HTTPS.


    Thanks !

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    Hey there @IoT_Guy,


    Yeah, that sounds like a specific Edge browser issue. To my knowledge, GoDaddy uses the latest TLS version.


    As far as taking off the HTTPS, why would you want to do that? Google and the other major search engines will list your site as insecure eventually and warn people that may come to your site that their info isn't protected. According to research, approximately 76% of people won't even go to your site if given the option. On top of that, it'll drop your SEO value which, in turn, will hurt your search engine rankings.


    Just some food for thought.

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    If GoDaddy is using the latest TLS, I did see the use of SHA-1 in the certificate chain for the SSL certificate.  I am pretty sure that SHA-1 is an old and deprecated hash algorithm.   That's probably not the specific issue, but an indication that some components GoDaddy is using in the HTTPS are old.


    For my very specific audience and application, HTTP and not HTTPS would be perfectly fine,  Users are a specific group that I notify who need access to the very specific information.  The site doesn't need to be in a search engine, and in fact if they leave my site off because I use HTTP instead of HTTPS, then that would be a slight benefit.


    So, the question remains, how can I disable HTTPS and simply use HTTP?