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    Tracking clicks on download button

    Hello -


    Is it possible to get access add a global site tag to a GoCentral site? I want to add conversion tracking for Google Ads on a form submission button to a native form within GoCentral. Google instructs me to copy the tag that they provide and paste it in between the <head></head> tags of every page of my website, or install the tag once in the global site tag because the global site tag is already installed on my GoCentral pages when I set up Google Analytics tracking. 


    However, I don't believe it's possible to access the HTML for my GoCentral site. Is this not an option?






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    Re: Tracking clicks on download button

    Hi @digetry!


    While GoCentral does allow you to create links and add buttons, it unfortunately does not allow you to edit the site-wide code, which is what those Google instructions you mentioned want you to do. It was an option that was available years ago, but it was removed in recent versions due to user feedback. You can add blocks of code, to your site, though, and those instructions can be found here: https://www.godaddy.com/help/add-html-or-custom-code-to-my-site-27252


    For automatic connections, GoCentral does have a spot under Site Settings to enable both Google Analytics and Google Adsense, though, which might help. Google Ads and Google Adsense differ slightly, so it would depend on which one you are trying to do. Currently, there is not an option for Google Ads built in to GoCentral. The instructions for those can be found here:


    I hope this helps!