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    Translation button

    I'm trying to add a translation button to my client's website. So far, none have worked. It may be that the HTML code is embedded in an I-frame. Anyone know of a service that would allow Translation button code to be work with GoCentral HTML section? Any help would be appreciated. 

    The Translation page for my client's website is at: https://brightenlanguagecenter.godaddysites.com/translate 

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Translation button

    Hi @CliveS. Based on that page, it looks like your client wants to offer translation services to others. I've seen other websites do this as a service. Unfortunately, I don't think GoCentral would be a good fit for this type of thing unless you want to do as you've already done on that page and link people to a 3rd party provider. If your client wants to have a translation service, they may need to have that developed as an app and then hosted on a server. That isn't something you'd be able to do with GoCentral. Sorry Man Sad


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