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    Trouble connecting to mySql database with MySQL Workbench

    I have a database created in mySQL, and would like to work on it locally on my computer. I am using the mySQL Workbench app. it connects to it just fine, but it does not maintain the connection. I can run a couple of queries then start getting errors saying the connection is lost. I have to connect to it again. There's an option to connect remotely (thought I already was?) using an SSH connection, but it gets wierd at this point. i use cPanel to create a public and private key, but when i create the connection, it says the password is wrong. Not sure if i'm using the wrong user or not. Is there another/better app to use for this? Or can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Connect to mySql database

    Hi @pcdebb


    Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Looks like you have two issues so I'll try to address them separately below. 


    In regard to your MySQL Workbench, I'd make sure you set your connection timeout in the application. This should be somewhere like Edit -> Preferences -> SQL Editor -> Timeout. Make sure this is set (in seconds) for how long you want the connection to stay open. 


    In regard to SSH, if you're using the key generator within cPanel, this will always make you enter the password you chose when creating the key, even after you've successfully created and imported the key and settings into your SSH client. If you want to connect without having to enter a password, I'd suggest using something like PuttyGen to create the key, then import it and authorize it within cPanel. 


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    Re: Connect to mySql database

    Hi all

    I'm also having the same problem connecting remotely using workbench or mysql query browser. The error message is: " Could not connect to the specified instance. MYSQL Error Number 2003. Can't Connect to MYSQL server on 'ip.provided.by.godaddy'  (10060)" Is there any security concern that I need to do first in order to enable remote connection? btw I'm using plesk.

    Thank you.


    Former Employee

    Re: Connect to mySql database

    Hi @fjcraels


    Plesk supports connecting remotely to databases by default. I suggest reviewing the help article here: Connect remotely to databases to confirm you are using the correct information to connect.



    RD3 - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Re: Connect to mySql database

    Hello @RD3

    I already tried that one for several times, even resetting the username credentials. 
    Also tried to connect using different ISP, used several cellular networks, and also provided
    friends from different countries to access remotely the IP and port.

    I can ping the IP but I think the default port of 3306 is not open.
    Is there any way which we can check if the port for my ip is really open?

    Thank you

    I am facing problem in connecting Database in my Local SQL Server

    Hello There!

    I am facing problem in connecting Database in my Local SQL Server,
    When I try to open Databases it takes a lot of time for expanding, even sometimes it not expand,
    Kindly provide me a solution to resolve this issue...

    Thank You

    Re: Trouble connecting to mySql database with MySQL Workbench

    Im getting error 
    ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10060)


    I was able to connect and when i was restoring a database it stop working.


    I need feedback on this thanks.