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    URL for confirmed booking

    I own and manage sundaskhalid.com. I have a feature on my website where users can book appointments. I need help to figure out the url format of the page when an appointment is paid and confirmed. Can anyone help with this?
    I need this information to track conversions in Google Analytics. GA is plugged in already and I have been able to measure analytics on visitors but currently unable to track conversions. 
    *Conversion = a confirmed booking
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    I'm looking into this. So far I see that the process to check out does not change the URL. Once booked, the only URLs seem to be behind a login for both the customer and You. I have a message in to the Product developers on this. 

    @WillowKnight thank you for looking into this. 


    Tracking conversions is important to my business because I want to understand customer journey and make improvement to my website layout. Your help is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your update. 

    So far the couple responses I have received are saying they don't think it is possible to do it the way you are wanting to track it. Ultimately conversions are tracked by Total Sales divided by Unique Visitors. Making separate pages for a Single product might be able to help with tracking. 

    Oh no. That's not good. I am surprised that godaddy doesn't allow such an important feature tracking with its Google Analytics integration. The purpose of my website is to drive conversion and I am sure there are similar use cases. Is there way for us to request this feature? 

    The booking feature in GoDaddy does not allow single product pages, so this workaround is not feasible.